Season 2 - Episode 1 - "Ditch the Mask" Campaign in 'The Rose Garden' in Berkeley, CA with Janna

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Welcome to our introductory podcast for Season 2 of A New Dawn podcast.

We are here with, "Bipolar Mama of 3," as she ditches her mask, as my first video & podcast guest of season 2.

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The importance of removing the social media mask she’s worn for several years was apparent during our interview. She’s still apprehensive, but yet well aware her bravery will help others. Thank you, Janna, for being the first, meeting you has been a joy. I’m hopeful for our future work together.

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Watch our "Ditch the Mask," Introductory Trailer:

Season 1 - Episode 2 - SJ de Lagarde - 9/21/18


Sarah shares her experience with learning that her childhood friends suffered from Schizophrenia post horrific crime. She shared the pain and confusion she suffered of not really knowing he had this illness until he murdered someone. She couldn’t figure out why she didn’t know and why he never spoke of it with her.

You’ll learn that through the podcast, it’s possible that she was the only voice not labeling him with his disease. She treated him as a friend and didn’t judge him.

Fascinating this true story is turned into a book, Solacium. Pick it up and listen to her share her story.

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