Our Mission

We are committed to sharing your stories through our weekly podcasts, supporting others around the world and providing strategies, relatable events and means to humanize the condition of mental illness in our world. We dialogue to raise awareness and bring to the forefront of human consciousness, the issues of suicide, anxiety, depression and other ailments people face daily. Authors on our show discuss their experiences with mental illness and reasons for creating characters, all to support acceptance.

Dawn is wonderful! She is educated, compassionate, empathetic and is really doing a great thing here! She’s giving people a voice, a comfortable place to speak and spreading awareness for mental health.
— Bipolar Mom - "Don't Stay Stuck!"

What We've Achieved

  • Providing relatable stories that reach thousands

  • Helped hundreds begin goals of self-awareness, support and healthy choices for their mental illness.

  • Reached over 5,000 listeners with our weekly podcast.

  • Open platform for anyone world-wide to share their story about mental illness.