Episode 48 - Jordyn of ChronicallyUnimaginable blog shares her story of being homebound and advocating for mental health


Jordyn shares her story of living with physical limitations and mental illness simultaneously. She runs a blog called "Chronically Unimaginable" and advocates to help others.

Her mission is to kick the stigma of mental illness.

Her mission: “The purpose of The Chronically Unimaginable is to inspire, encourage, lift up, and help others, whether chronically ill or not. We are an inclusive community whose aim is to be there for others emotionally. The goal is to empower others and to fight the stigma against the chronic illness, mental health, and disability communities.”

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Jordyn72758776



Email: thechronicallyunimaginable@gmail.com

Episode 47 - Anne Moss Rogers, TEDx Speaker, Author, Suicide Loss Survivor - "Emotionally Naked"

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Anne Moss Rogers graciously accepted our podcast invitation. She’s real and raw. You can find more about her journey with her son’s drug addiction through the podcast.

She’s an advocate and travels speaking to raise awareness of suicide and prevent other parents and family members from losing a child. She also speaks directly to children and youth. Read more, after listening by clicking on the links below:




My 6-minute TEDx https://annemoss.com/2019/03/06/can-a-blog-save-lives-tedxgracestreetwomen/

Episode 45 - Starr shares her poetic prose with us to express herself on her road to recovery and spiritual awakening. (Last poem recorded in person in the park.)

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Starr, an amazing soul shares her spiritual awakening through her writing. Her poems are powerful, healing and speak the truth. Listen and comment should they move you like that have done us and many others.

Shes transformed herself through the art of words. Those we think with, speak of and converse through; words are powerful!

The picture is one of her favorite poems by Hafiz and one she gave for me to share with my students.

“I wish I could show you WHEN YOU ARE LONELY or in DARKNESS the ASTONISHING LIGHT of your own being” ~ Hafiz

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* Art Piece

* Being Seen

* I Am My Own Medicine

* I Want To Be The One You Write Poems About

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Episode 44 - Isaiah shares his story of being Schizoeffective and being raised by a mother who had 'undiagnosed bipolar disorder. He is a Nami Speaker

Isaiah shares his story of being Schizoeffective and being raised by a mother who had 'undiagnosed bipolar disorder.  He also has a multitude of other mental health conditions and is a Nami In Our Own Voice Speaker

Episode 43 - Katherine shares her story of late diagnosis of Bipolar 1 Disorder and Postpartum Depression, as a registered nurse


June 14th Release

Katherine is a registered nurse, mother, wife and blogger. She lives with both Postpartum Depression and Bipolar 1 Disorder. Her story is like so many in the world and she’s removed her mask to discuss it with us.

She’s a mom too and blogs about her life living with her mental illnesses and parenting on ButterflyTearsandKisses.com.

Blog - https://butterflytearsandkisses.com 

Facebook - https://m.facebook.com/BTearsandKisses/ …

Instagram - http://Instagram.com/butterflytearsandkisses/ …

Pinterest - http://pinterest.ca/butterflytearsandkisses/ …

Twitter https://twitter.com/BTearsandKisses 

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Episode 42 - Hiya (Hee-yaa) shares her story of clinical depression and anxiety and how she looks for the happiness when life isn't always kind.

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Hiya is an author of poetry who lives with clinical depression and anxiety which started in 2014. She is native to India and due to family conflict went into a deep depression. She learned to rise above and find her truth. She breathes, writes and looks on the bright side to cope and find hope.

Her message is to meditate and breathe to cope with anxiety and other things life throws at you.

You can find her on Instagram @Hiyaoxfordgirl

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hiyaoxfordgirl/

Search: "Hiya says"on her website: https://www.mirakee.com/ to find her work.

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Episode 41 - Michael Maisey shares his life's journey, why he wrote his book, " Young Offender," after a young life in the streets and out of control


Michael was lost, in the streets and out of control, due to his parents drug and alcohol abuse, as well as childhood physical and sexual abuse. But, he turned his life around and now Michael Maisey is an actor and writer, known for Sparrow's CallThe Basement and Functional. He has been married to Sacha Wright since October 26, 2018. They have two children.

He tells more of his story in his book: “My Life on the Streets, In Prison, Out of Control, Making Amends. Young Offender.” Pre order link for book on amazon.co.uk out in July 2019.
Pre order link for the book on amazon.com for buyers in the USA out October 2019.

Website: https://linktr.ee/mistermaisey

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mistermaisey/

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You don’t want to miss this episode. He’s a powerful warrior and proof that anyone can turn their life around. We’ve all been through hard times, but he faced his hopelessness, near the edge of suicide, in it’s clenches and came out the other side. He’s been a ray of sunshine through his Instagram community and other engagements. I can’t wait to get and read his book. I look forward to working with Michael in the near future.

Episode 40 - Michelle, author . of, “Breaking into My Life,” a story about reclaiming her life and being raised by a mom with Bipolar Disorder


Coming May 24th

Michelle is from New Jersey and shares her story about being raised by a mother who had Bipolar Disorder. She works for Johnson & Johnson as a Director and is also an advocate for mental health awareness. You can read an excerpt from her book here: http://breakingintomylife.com/excerpt/

Please visit her page for FAQs as well, she shares resources with you.

YouTube Video


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She conveys a message about mental health:

  • We are not our past. It is possible to triumph over past challenges with perseverance.

  • Let’s separate the person from their illness. They are not their illness. They are loving individuals doing the bet they can with what they have been dealt.

  • Caregivers must establish some boundaries and make their own wellbeing a priority so that they can provide the best level of support to those they love.

  • The brain is just another organ. I look to the day when we talk as openly about brain health as we do heart health. When that happens people won’t be ashamed or suffer in silence.

  • If you are suffering and don’t feel comfortable talking to your loved ones or a therapist, find other outlets to keep talking. Find resources like www.18percent.org or https://www.7cups.com/ to express yourself and get connected to others who might have experienced what you are. You are not alone and you don’t have to navigate it alone. You are human and it is ok to not be ok.

  • If you care for someone who you think is struggling, don’t look away and don’t “hope” they will get through it on their own. Try to create a safe space for them to share. Just by listening and asking them to tell you more, you will help them by allowing them to feel heard. You don’t have to fix anything. Just be there for them and listen to them.  

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Episode 39 - Episode 39 - Jey shares his childhood traumatic experience, mental illness and advocacy

Jey is a non-binary person who struggled with his identity while growing up. He was removed from his home country of Vietnam and taken to Canada at the age of 3, after losing both of his parents. He shares his life with us and the fact that he felt alone and isolated, with the exception of one friend. This friend provided unconditional acceptance and although Jey still is struggling, he's more aware and working toward becoming the person that his life prevented him from being, his authentic self. Stay tuned for his future YouTube videos.


YouTube Channel

Podcast link: www.messy.fm/podcast/df36ccd0-778f-11e9-a0a4-c9973a24f544