Voice Technology for Healing

A few years ago voice technology wouldn’t involved Siri, Alexa and Cortana, but the ambient assistants are the new means to search our phones or ask inquiring questions on the go. When I reference voice technology, it’s not associated with our smart phone assistants. I’m referring to powerful and effective methods used to treat psychological problems affecting 18.1% or about 40 million adults, solely in the United States alone, not to mention statistics in other parts of our world.

Personally I’ve not experienced the impact voice technology has on individuals suffering from the pain associated with anxiety and other negative emotions, it does work. Thought Field Therapy, instrumental in it’s support was used to interfere with my nephew’s thoughts associated with emotions and use of drugs, as well as tobacco. I know first-hand the power voice technology has in the elimination of negative emotions within minutes of use. Tapping is also part of the treatment, using a sequence of taps to the designated meridian points of the body in a specific sequence.

My sister spoke of a time her son suffered from anxiety associated with his past during his recovery process. He desired a cigarette and was on the verge of a breakdown. She was driving from Northern California, down south and called Dr. Steinberg immediately. Astounded that the impact the voice technology had within minutes of the call caught me by surprise. Powerfully effective, my nephew no longer had the anxiety and the process of tapping abated the breakdown.

Do you have a condition that would support the use of Voice Technology? I’m not a marketing consultant but would highly recommend giving it a try. Click here to learn more.