“I walk for...My brother, My son, Myself, my students and to end the stigma"

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Suicide Prevention is an essential necessity in our modern world. Thirty two years ago my brother died by suicide. Hushed secrets, shame & disgrace prevented our family from talking about it. Instead, my mother anguished year after year in silence. I buried it and it took on a life inside my precariously promiscuous wild life.

[Do you talk about mental illness? Are you aware of those around you that suffer in silence? End the silence, shame and reach out. Ask, “How are you? Can I help you? Are you okay?” If they say nothing or “I’m fine,” ask again. Dig deeper. ]

After becoming a mother, my thoughts of keeping my kids safe took those buried thoughts place, & they got shoved down into the dank corridors of my mind.

The birth of my fourth child brought about several anguishing days & nights. Many I felt like we wouldn’t live through. Five suicide attempts, two lengthy in house facilities & legal eagles surrounding our house.

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Fourteen years of teaching 1,826 students, behavioral research, over 400 therapy sessions, thirty-five IEPS, a Masters in Education, several professional development hours, 40 podcast episodes of story-sharing and mental health advocacy— I walk to raise awareness & support kids, families, people.

I walk because we have a world where kids & adults are in turmoil & fear exacerbates the stigma many face. We need to end the discrimination in schools, criminal justice system, medical field, homes & work places.

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I advocate in my classroom, through sharing stories of people from all over the world living with mental illness, supporting or advocating to end the silence and shame.

My podcast, “A New Dawn” https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/a-new-dawn/id1437079182